Black Wolf Press

General inquiries

+ Why should I choose Black Wolf Press?

We would like to think it's because of the quality of the printing, attention to detail, and top-notch customer service but it's probably because we charge less than the other guys.

+ Who are you?

Black Wolf Press is owned and operated by Ben Pham as an after hours creative outlet when he's not pushing pixels for a multi-billion dollar corporation. He also speaks in third person when creating FAQ pages not because he's trying to make his sole proprietorship look bigger than it is but mainly because it just sounds better.

+ What services do you provide?

Black Wolf Press specializes in letterpress printing but unfortunately does not provide foil stamping. We do offer some embellishment services like rounded corners and edge painting.

We are NOT equipped for offset or digital printing.

+ How long will it take?

Turnaround time is about 3-4 weeks once a design is finalized and a 50% deposit is placed. Turnaround time does not include shipping time.

+ What if I want it sooner?

Rush orders can often be scheduled within 2 weeks with a 100% surcharge. Yes, that's a lot of money so it's best not to procrastinate. That being said, we always try to get the work to you sooner rather than later.

+ What shipping carrier do you use?

For projects within the US, we typically ship via FedEx 2-day air. Under certain circumstances we will ship via USPS Priority which takes about 3 days. For shipments outside the US, it will still most likely be shipped via FedEx or USPS but timing will vary based on country.

+ What is your oath to the environment?

We try not to litter and stuff like that.

Pricing information

+ How much does it cost?

Did you check the pricing page?

+ My project requires special embellishments not covered in your pricing table. Can you give me a price quote?

Certainly. Send us a message with the following details:

  • What do you want to print?
  • What sizes will they be?
  • Quantity
  • How many colors? (keeping in mind that blind impression / deboss counts as a color)
  • Paper preferences
  • Do you already have a design with print-ready files? Or will you need design help?

+ How much do you charge for design services?

As a courtesy, quick layouts and simple text edits to existing designs are provided free of charge.

Custom design work is billed at $125/hour.

+ Can you lower your prices or provide any kind of discount?


The pricing process involved gathering the fee information of many different letterpress printers, averaging those numbers out, and then undercutting it by 20%. Are you going to be able to find cheaper printers? Of course. But our prices are currently set at a level that we feel is fair and competitive within the market of custom letterpress printing.

Terms & Conditions

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