Black Wolf Press

Content and accuracy


Printer reserves the right to refuse to print any material that we determine, in our sole discretion, to be illegal or inappropriate for any reason. If material is deemed unacceptable, Customer will be notified promptly and permitted to change the content and resubmit the artwork files.


Customers are 100% responsible for the accuracy of their artwork. If Printer is providing design services, a PDF proof of artwork will be e-mailed to customer by Printer. All proofs must be approved by customer by e-mail before the job will be printed. Please proofread proofs carefully. The Printer will not be responsible for any errors not found on proofs.

Reproduction and quality

Due to the nature of the letterpress printing process, variations in the printed image will occur within the printing run. Variations, such as lighter and darker ink impressions, movement in registration or deterioration of image edges and image quality are normal with letterpress printing and add to its aesthetic appeal.

Large areas of totally solid ink coverage are not achievable with letterpress printing and some mottling and variation is likely to occur in the final printing especially on uncoated or rougher paper usually used with letterpress. Upon receipt of layout or artwork Printer may suggest changes be made to artwork containing large solid areas. Printer is not responsible for mottling in larger solid areas that the customer is not satisfied with if changes were advised before production.

Customers may submit their preferred image impression along with their artwork or approval of the proof. Different impression options can include ‘bite’, which is a hard, darker impression that will usually cause an indentation in the paper surface that will be noticeable on the back of lighter weight papers; ‘kiss’ which is a light impression that often will break up and have an uneven look; or normal which is a medium impression. If the customer does not specify a preferred impression we will use our judgment as to the best way to print the project. If the customer is looking for a perfect or fine photographic reproduction then letterpress printing may not be the most suitable form of reproduction.